Cellular Reproduction

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one parent cell reproduction
regular chromosomes
division of prokaryotic cells
interphase, m-phase, cell's life
contain spindle fibers in the nucleus
point where two chromatids connect
division of cytoplasm
two sets of chromosomes
phases within interphase
reproductive cell
one set of chromosome
protein chromatin wrap around
both chromatids are identical
part of cells life without reproduction
part of cells life that reproduces
process of making gametes
chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell
division of eukaryotic cells
product of oogenesis that disintegrates
can see chromosomes and nucleus dissolves
DNA is copied in Mitosis and Meiosis
determines gender (chromosome)
pairing of homologous chromosomes that make tetrads
last phase of m-phase (nucleus is made again)
pairing of homologous chromosomes to make a...

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