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Can you name the things which these people were the first to do or achieve?

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Yuri Gagarin1961/Exploration
Al Martino1952/Entertainment
Sir Robert Walpole1721/Politics
Janet Gaynor1929/Entertainment
Brian Deane1992/Sport
Henry Dunant/Frédéric Passy1901/Politics
Edmund Hillary1953/Exploration
Martha Washington1789/Politics
Alexander Bell/Thomas Watson1876/Science
Willie Park Snr1860/Sport
Elma G. 'Pem' Farnsworth1927/Science (& Entertainment)
Athelstan The Glorious927/Politics
Dolly The Sheep1996/Science
Justin Fashanu1990/Sport (& Politics)
Kelly Clarkson2002/Entertainment
Louise Brown1978/Science
Simon Peter30/Religion
Sean Connery1962/Entertainment
Spencer Percevel1812/Politics
Kicki Håkansson1951/Entertainment

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