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Can you name the actual titles of these movies where the name of a song has been replaced the name of the song's artist?

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Merged TitleActual TitlesYear of Movie/Song
A Christina Aguilera Mind2001/2002
The Good, The Bad and The Daphne and Celeste1966/2000
Katy Perry The Extra Terrestrial1982/2011
Black Sabbath of Oz1939/1970
The Man Who Knew The Spice Girls1956/1997
Once Upon a Time In Simon and Garfunkel1984/1972
To Kill a Eminem1962/2005
Grave of the Owl City1988/2009
The Great Enrique Iglesias1963/2001
Justin Bieber Again1983/2011
Scott Pilgrim vs The Bee Gees2010/1967
Paul Hardcastle841984/1985
The Fault In Our Simply Red2014/1991
Mission: Shontelle1996/2010
Samson and Tom Jones1949/1968
Merged TitleActual TitlesYear of Movie/Song
This Is The Doors2013/1967
The French Elastica1971/1995
Rihanna are Forever1971/2012
Madagascar: Escape 2 Toto2008/1982
Michael Bublé You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask1972/2007
Midnight Snow Patrol1988/2004
Eat, Take That, Love2010/1993
Dial M for New Order1954/1984
Percy Johnny Cash and June Carter and the Lightning Thief2010/1967
Green Day Report2002/2000
Nicki Minaj Musical2013/2006
Feeder in the 25th Century1979/2001
V for Slipknot2005/2008
Sly and the Family Stone By Me1986/1969
Radiohead Friends2005/1995

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