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Can you name the actual titles of the movies where the name of a song has been replaced the name of the song's artist?

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Merged TitleActual TitleYear of Movie/Song
Harry Potter & The Goblet Of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown2005/1968
David Bowie Wars: Episode IV A New Hope1977/1972
Slumdog Kelis2008/2004
Don Maclean Presents The Naked Mile2006/1971
Daft Punk In Eighty Days1956/1997
10 Things I Hate About Radiohead1999/1993
Coldplay In Translation2003/2008
She's Having A Justin Bieber1988/2010
Michael Jackson Boys II2003/1987
Air Force Metallica1997/1989
Roman Madonna1953/1983
All Dogs Go To Bryan Adams1989/1985
Bruce Springsteen Wild1994/1981
The Spandau Ballet Rush1925/1983
Field Of Fleetwood Mac1989/1977
Merged TitleActual TitleYear of Movie/Song
Touch Of Interpol1958/2005
Life Or The Beatles Like It2002/1969
The Crazy Town Effect2004/2000
His Girl Rebecca Black1940/2011
Big Shampoo In Little China1986/1994
There Will Be Editors2007/2005
Eminem Khan2010/1999
Joni Mitchell Velvet1986/1971
It's A Black1946/1987
Glenn Miller For Love2000/1939
Wings Of U21987/1988
The Cult Man1988/1985
The Evermore Man1987/2006
The Passion Of Leonard Cohen1928/1971
LL Cool J Goes To Washington1939/1995

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