You called him what?!?

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Can you name the real baby names which were registered in Scotland in 2010?

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Tin or Wood?
Aladdin or Jafar?
On or Off?
Tamunonengiyeofori or Tebibonowarikoru?
Cherubim or Seraphim?
A-Jay or Cee-Jay?
Ex or Zed?
Clivejakson or Paultomas?
M or T?
Rainbow or Twinkle?
Jynx or Onyx?
Callisto or Io?
Holiness or Sanctity?
Clapton or Hendrix?
Winkie or Dobbie?
Saddam or Osama?
Velvet or Lace?
Tofu or Sushi?
Xack or Xay?
Baby or Name?
Bison or Buffalo?
Simba or Nala?
Sutherland or Estevez?
Aslan or Albus?
Suno or Moono?
Petrol or Diesel?
Foxx or Phoenixx?
Hazy or Misty?
Venus or Neptune?
Hong or Kong?

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