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Can you name the SER vs. ESTAR?

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Ella _____ pobre. (She is poor.)
Vos _____ bailarín. (You're a dancer.)
Ellos _____ cantantes. (They're singers.)
Yo _____ enfermo. (I'm sick.)
Ellas _____ muy bonitas. (They're very beautiful.)
¡Alejandra _____ viva! (Alexandra is alive!)
Usted _____ rico. (You're rich.)
Juan _____ un niño grande. (John is a big boy.)
Tú _____ feliz. (You're happy).
Ustedes _____ lejos. (You guys are far.)
Vosotros _____ aburridos. (You guys are boring.)
Él _____ aburrido. (He's bored.)
Nosotros _____ cansados. (We're tired.)

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