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Lyric Part 1Lyric Part 2Year Released
How could you just walk out the door,1997
Soak it up and let this funky mellow1994
Now I got myself together baby,1996
Morning massages2002
I can't help if she was a fast one, a sexy one, 2002
People always say that I play myself for you,1997
Take my hand, and come with me,1994
Could you pick up a phone2000
I got a crush on you1997
Lyric Part 1Lyric Part 2Year Released
Back to who I was1998
She would probably leave1996
Boy, I've been watching you1998
Off to college2001
I need you to use yourself2001
Did you sleep on the wrong side?2001
If I say no,2000
So many things have taken place1994
But if you wait a little while longer1997

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