Pokemon moves- Ghost gens 1-5

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Can you name the Pokemon moves- Ghost gens 1-5?

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Contest CategoryMoveExtra effects
SmartMay make the target flinch
SmartConfuses the foe (duh)
ToughWorks differently for Ghost types
SmartWhen the user faints, the opponent also faints
ToughFully depletes the PP of the opponent's move that KOed the user
N/ADeals double damage to Pokemon with a status infliction
ToughMay cause paralysis
SmartInflicts damage matching the user's level
Contest CategoryMoveExtra effects
SmartInflicts damage every turn on a sleeping Pokemon
SmartMay raise all of user's stats at once
SmartMay lower Special Defense
CuteHigher chance of critical hit
SmartA two-turn attack. Hits through Protect/Detect
SmartAlways hits
SmartPriority +1
SmartCuts 4 PP on the move last used by the target

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