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I am a serial killer who skinned his victims, exhumed corpses, and decorated his home with parts of his victims’ bodies. Human skin was used to make dust bins, and furniture.1947-1957
I am a serial killer who had unique techniques of luring his victims. I would drink alcohol before approaching potential victims, even in a crowd or in broad daylight.1974-1978
I am a serial killer who received a 365 year prison sentence and told the FBI that I invented the “Son of Sam” stories to convince the court that I was out of my mind.1976-1977
I am a serial killer who lured my victims into handcuffs in the pretext of showing them a pair of trick handcuffs I used in my clown act. I’d dare the youth to free themselves.1972-1978
I am a serial killer who was caught by the police when a would-be victim escaped and alerted them. I was held responsible for 15 murders, sentenced to 15 life terms.1978-1991
I am a serial killer who caused mayhem for two and half years during the 1980s. I pleaded guilty to 48 charges in 2003, but claimed to have killed 71 women. 1982-1984
I am a serial killer who placed matrimonial ads in newspapers promising men marital bliss and a life filled with love. Several hopefuls came to La Porte with their life savings.1900-1908
I am a serial killer whose first murder was that of Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski. The next was the LaBianca family. 1969
I am a serial killer who was a suspect in five killings, I said I “had” around 100 children in all states. No one knew if I was talking about cannibalization or molestation.1919-1930
I am a serial killer who would rent rooms to visitors and then try and collect the insurance when they were killed there. I also used to lure women to my “torture castle.”1893-1895

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