Prime Ministers of Italy

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YearPrime MinisterPolitical Party
1861Italian Liberal
1861-1862Italian Liberal
1862Italian Democratic
1862-1863Italian Liberal
1863-1864Italian Liberal
1864-1866Italian Liberal
1866-1867Italian Liberal
1867Italian Democratic
1867-1869Italian Liberal
1869-1873Italian Liberal
1873-1876Italian Liberal
1876-1878Italian Democratic
1878Italian Democratic
1878-1879Italian Democratic
1879-1881Italian Democratic
1881-1887Italian Democratic
1887-1891Italian Democratic
1891-1892Italian Liberal
1892-1893Italian Liberal
1893-1896Italian Democratic
1896-1898Italian Liberal
1898-1900Italian Liberal
1900-1901Italian Democratic
1901-1903Italian Liberal
1903-1905Italian Liberal
1905Italian Liberal
1905-1906Italian Liberal
YearPrime MinisterPolitical Party
1906Italian Liberal
1906-1909Italian Liberal
1909-1910Italian Liberal
1910-1911Italian Liberal
1911-1914Italian Liberal
1914-1916Italian Liberal
1916-1917Italian Liberal
1917-1919Italian Liberal
1920-1921Italian Liberal
1921-1922Italian Reform Socialist
1922Italian Liberal
1922-1943National Fascist
1943-1944None (Provisional Military Government)
1944-1945Labour Democratic
1945-1953Christian Democracy
1953-1954Christian Democracy
1954Christian Democracy
1954-1955Christian Democracy
1955-1957Christian Democracy
1957-1958Christian Democracy
1958-1959Christian Democracy
1959-1960Christian Democracy
1960Christian Democracy
1960-1963Christian Democracy
1963-1964Christian Democracy
YearPrime MinisterPolitical Party
1963-1968Christian Democracy
1968Christian Democracy
1968-1970Christian Democracy
1970-1972Christian Democracy
1972-1973Christian Democracy
1973-1974Christian Democracy
1974-1976Christian Democracy
1976-1979Christian Democracy
1979-1980Christian Democracy
1980-1981Christian Democracy
1981-1982Italian Republican
1982-1983Christian Democracy
1983-1987Italian Socialist
1987Christian Democracy
1987-1988Christian Democracy
1988-1989Christian Democracy
1989-1992Christian Democracy
1992-1993Italian Socialist
1994-1995Forza Italia
1996-1998The Olive Tree
1998-2000Democrats of the Left
2000-2001The Olive Tree
2001-2006Forza Italia
2006-2008The Olive Tree; Democratic
2008-PresentThe People of Freedom

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