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'Ah, I've lost my charm!' / 'Not from where I'm standing.'
'It's all right. It's quite all right, really. She's having a rest. We'll be going on soon. There's no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world. '
'Why can't you just be a good boy and die?' / 'You first.'
'No, Don't worry, you're not my type.' / 'Smart?' / 'Single.'
'Good news. You won't be hung in the morning. You will be shot! '
'The bubbles tickle my... Tchaikovsky!'
'The mechanism is... Oh James, James... Will you make love to me all the time in England?' / ' Day and night. Go on about the mechanism. '
'I am a professor of forensic medicine. Believe me, Mr. Bond, I could shoot you from Stuttgart und still create ze proper effect.'
'Do you expect me to talk?' / 'No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.'
'I've always wanted to have Christmas in Turkey. '
'Hi, I'm Plenty.' / 'But of course you are.'
'That's a Smith & Wesson, and you've had your six. '
'I know all about you - sex for dinner, death for breakfast. '
'Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead. '
'We're teachers on sabbatical and we've just won the lottery.'
'Take me 'round the world one more time.'
'My name is...' / 'Names is for tombstones, baby!'
'I trust you can handle this contraption, Q?' / 'It goes by hot air.' / 'Oh, then you can. '
'Little Nelly got a hot reception. Four big shots made improper advances toward her, but she defended her honor with great success. '
'Drug dealers of the world, unite!'
'But James, I need you.' / 'So does England.'
'You are now flying Remote Control Airways.'

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