LOST Character Profile: Benjamin Linus

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Can you name the facts from Ben Linus's life?

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Year of Birth
Born in this US State
Daughter (Adopted)
Moved to the island when his father became their janitor
Ben's childhood sweetheart
Met this man in the jungle after chasing his dead mother
Shot by this man when he was 12
Helped the Others accomplish this in 1992
Stole a baby from this woman
Replaced this man as leader of the Others
In love with this Other
Assumed this man's identity when he first encountered the 815 survivors
Name on his passport (Also the name he uses in Tunisia)
By killing Martin Keamy, he indirectly blows this up
Keeps one of these as a pet
Kills this man after saving him from suicide
Despite being the Leader, Ben had never seen this man before killing him
Ben needed Jack to remove this from his spine
First Centric Episode
Ben becomes his 'Number 2'
Being beaten up by this character made Ben 'remember'

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