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Can you name the U.S. States by their Claims to Infamy?

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Claim to Fame (or infamy)
highest rate of brain cancer
most avalanche deaths
most smog
origin of U.S. fire ant invasion
most sediment pollution in water
most ammonia in water
highest cancer death rate
most large farms irrigated by aquifiers
worst access to clean water
highest binge drinking rate
most endangered species
most energy use per capita
highest adult asthma rate
most carbon dioxide emissions
most boat wrecks
most cases of pathogens in water
most hog waste
lowest per capita public transportation funding
fastest loss of wetlands
most pollution from urban runoff
lowest amount of surface water
fewest acres of organic farms
highest rate of carbon monoxide poisoning
most dams in need of repair
highest rate of pancreatic cancer
Claim to Fame (or infamy)
most coal mining deaths
top health risk from air pollution
most pesticides in water
fewest librarians per capita
most poultry waste
greatest threat from Asian carp
eats fewest fruits and vegetables
most tornadoes per capita
highest rate of thyroid cancer
site of worst dioxin disaster
most trash per capita
most airports per capita
most toxic waste accidents
highest overall rate of autism
most superfund sites
most sewer overflows
fewest clean energy businesses
highest rate of breast cancer
lowest annual rainfall
slowest growth in green jobs
highest rate of mesothelioma
most invasive snails
fewest national parks
highest rate of esophogeal cancer
most autism growth

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