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Particle with 2 protons and 2 neutronsA
Even spin particleB
Flow of chargeC
Frequency shift caused by moving objectD
Measure of disorderE
Measured in Hz (Hertz)F
A state of matterG
Planck's constant divided by 2*piH
A thermodynamic change in which temperature doesn't changeI
Unit of energyJ
Another name for Fourier spaceK
Light amplification by stimulated emmission of radiationL
Inventor of Calculus and MechanicsN
Father of the Atomic BombO
Universal symbol for wavefunctionsP
Up, Down, Strange etc...Q
Einstein's theory of __________R
Who's cat is neither Dead or Alive?S
Unit for magnetic fieldT
Used in atomic bombsU
Attractive or repulsive forces between moleculesV
Unit of powerW
Type of electromagnetic radiationX
EM radiation with a wavelength of 570–580 nmY
Neutral weak force carrierZ

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