Dumb things people do in Scary movies

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Can you name the dumb things people do in scary movies?

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When a person is lost they
When a person (typically a woman) is running they
When a person must stay awake they
A serial killer is after them and they go to a party and...
A serial killer is after them and they drink too much with a person of the opposite sex (typically)
A serial killer has just been shot 40 times and the people walk away believing
A person just hit a serial killer in the head with a crobar. before they leave they...and then leave so that they no longer have protection
People check into a hotel and feel gross so they
When people meet strangers in a foreign country they
When people are on a boat and know that a giant shark is after them they
When people see paranormal things occuring they
When people here a strange noise outside they...

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