What episode do these Buffy events happen?

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Eventepisode name
Buffy becomes a vampire
Oz sees Willow for the first time in an Eskimo costume
Buffy becomes invisible
Harmony becomes a vampire
Spike falls in love with Buffy and knows it
Giles and Joyce have sex
Cordelia is impaled
The trio loses its leader
Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles merge into one entity to defeat an evil
Oz says 'did anyone see that guy turn to dust?'
Jonathan is a superstar!
Everyone is singing and dancing no thanks to Xander
Joyce is attacked by an alien
Faith switches bodies with Buffy
Eventepisode name
Xander is tricked into almost sleeping with a praying mantis
Willow finds out she might be gay
Spike and Buffy have lots and lots of sex and buffy smells like a hamburger
Buffy and Dawn have sister bonding moment in a hospital
Buffy has a one night stand
Riley and Buffy have lots and lots of sex
Buffy gets beat up by an ubervamp
Anya dies
Angel feeds Buffy a demon heart, yummy!
A very obese vampire gets electricuted
Amy no longer is a rat
Xander becomes a military guru
Giles goes to live in England, (the first time)
Oz leaves the first time

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