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HintsScary Movie
it is so dark on this planet! at least we have someone with glowing eyes that can see in the dark
what did you do last break?
ghost mask
did someone forget to put the cat out? and i think that lady is missing her jaw gross..
i need an aluminum hat pronto!
ghost events
longest rape scene ever! plus just take that next left and you'll be there
new movie with a cabin
lonnnng black hair and a well
in the morning of zombies
street name
its tongue has teeth and its blood is acid
not hostel but...other building instrument gory movie
did her head just spin around??
she's almost got it! just need to cut in one more spot stupid plants that sound like cell phones!
futuristic laser weapons and nasty face!
its a giant cave, a lot of blood that you can swim in, and a group of girls...what could go wrong?
sooo many bodies in that house
she's not alone...poor Halle Berry
HintsScary Movie
fluffy just died...we gotta bury him
that guy has a lot of needles in his head..
after this movie im never having kids, especially little satan sons
umbrella corporation
superstitious number of ghosts
that doll just talked to me!!
'their heree'
super gory zombie movie with a lawn mower, now that is just funny
hey J lo what are you doing with that giant snake?
close to saw
do NOT make noise or the faceless nurses will get you!!
soooo much yellow stuff and kids taking over a town?
weirdest movie ever, woman has sharp objects in strange place
hellooo George Clooney and demon looking vampires? very strange
that lady has a hammer and she's not afraid to use it...on your feet
superstitious day of the week
don't add water to these cute guys
the beginning of this movie has a blue mustang that gets crashed...very sad..also creepy inbreds in West Virginia
red rum! yummy!

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