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Can you name the cast members from the GTA games?

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CharacterCast MemberOther Appearances
Candy Suxxx (Vice City)Private Parts, Wicked Weapon, Zombie Strippers
Tommy Vercetti (Vice City)Cop Land, Wild Hogs, Something Wild
Joey Leone (GTA 3)Boston Public, The War at Home, Prison Break
Frank Tenpenny (San Andreas)Pulp Fiction, Law & Order SVU, Johnny Mnemonic
Luigi Goterelli (GTA 3)The Matrix, Bad Boys, Congo
Mike Toreno (San Andreas)Any Given Sunday, Hercules, Vampires
Avery Carrington (Vice City)Gunsmoke, The Longest Yard, Heat
CharacterCast MemberOther Appearances
Maria Latore (GTA 3, San Andreas)Entourage, Civil Wars/L.A. Law
BJ Smith (Vice City)Any Given Sunday, Shaft
Ken Rosenberg (Vice City, San Andreas)Armageddon, Crash, The Longest Yard
Sonny Forelli (Vice City)Black Hawk Down, Enemy of the State, Natural Born Killers
Steve Scott (Vice City)Speed, Waterworld, Apocalypse Now
Toni Cipriani (GTA 3)Kill Bill, Resevoir Dogs, Sin City

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