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Can you name the 4 letter answers to the hints (many having to do with the NBA) to complete the word ladder?

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*4th Seed in the Eastern Conference (2013 playoffs)*
Pistachios, Cashews, Almonds, etc.
Small Houses. Some of them serve pizza.
What you wear on your head.
*NBA team: Bob____.*
A type of bed.
____ and pans.
Dogs, Cats, Fish, etc.
Green vegetables that come in a pod.
Ships sail across these.
Made for sitting on.
*Team with the best record in the NBA (2012-2013 season).*
A main accent or rhythmic unit in music or poetry.
*Rookie guard for the Washington Wizards: Bradley ____.*
Greenish-Blue color.
*The Bobcats are a bad one of these.*
The President can serve no more than two of these.
Muscle that moves shoulder and arms.
*What D-Rose did to his ACL.*
To drink alcohol to excess
A strong cord that is usually made of twisted metals or fibers.
*PG for the Bulls that sat out the entire season: Derrick ____.*
Corporation that specializes in audio equipment
You can't tag me when I'm here.
*Starting PF for the Boston Celtics: Brandon ____.*
Measure this with a scale.
Something you should clean up.
Baseball team from New York.
You step on these, and a lot of times they welcome you.
'Mark Cuban's team*
*Kyrie Irving's team*
*Chris Kaman is probably from one of these.*
Put your phone in one of these to protect it.
Can you please sign mine?
*Conference containing the Orlando Magic.*
Without it, you cannot sail.
Not the present or the future.
Insects, spiders, rodents, siblings, etc.
*Last name of the player on the NBA logo; also the conference containing the Houston Rockets.*
Past tense form of 'wit'; to have knowledge
*Former NBA player; the stilt.*
*Both Bellamy and Frazier have this first name.*
*Washington Wizards PG: John ____.
Use this either for wishing or for obtaining water.
*Raja's last name.*
*Bradley, Cunningham, Russell, and Cosby.*
*PG for the Detroit Pistons: ____ Bynum.*
A trick one performs to persuade someone to do what they want.
*Cleveland Cavaliers colors: ____ and gold. Also a drink made from grapes.*
*The Bobcats don't get these often.*
There are seven of these and they are deadly.
*NBA team from Phoenix.*

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