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Fire Dragon SlayerFairy Tail
Celestial MagicFairy Tail
Ice MakeFairy Tail
Requip: The KnightFairy Tail
AeraFairy Tail
Iron Dragon SlayerFairy Tail
Water MagicFairy Tail
Wind Dragon SlayerFairy Tail
AeraFairy Tail
Takeover: Satan SoulFairy Tail
Takeover: Beast SoulFairy Tail
Takeover: Animal SoulFairy Tail
TitanFairy Tail
Lightning Dragon SlayerFairy Tail
Card MagicFairy Tail
Solid ScriptFairy Tail
CrashFairy Tail
Dark ÉcritureFairy Tail
Human PossessionFairy Tail
Stone Eyes/Fairy MagicFairy Tail
AeraFairy Tail
Purple FlareFairy Tail
Smoke MagicFairy Tail
Guns MagicFairy Tail
Requip: The GunnerFairy Tail
High SpeedFairy Tail
Plant MagicFairy Tail
Sand MagicFairy Tail
Animal PossessionFairy Tail
Pict MagicFairy Tail
Rainbow FireFairy Tail
Magic StavesFairy Tail
TelepathyFairy Tail
Wood MakeFairy Tail
Dance MagicFairy Tail
Medical ExpertFairy Tail
Fairy Glitter/SphereFairy Tail(former)
Darkness MagicPhantom Lord
AirspacePhantom Lord
Earth MagicPhantom Lord
Rainbow FirePhantom Lord
UnknownLamia Scale
Ice MakeLamia Scale
Doll Play MagicLamia Scale
Wave MagicLamia Scale
Nails GrowingLamia Scale
Earth MagicLamia Scale
Sky God SlayerLamia Scale
Perfume MagicBlue Pegasus
ArchiveBlue Pegasus
Snow MagicBlue Pegasus
Air MagicBlue Pegasus
Takeover: Machina SoulBlue Pegasus
AeraBlue Pegasus
White Dragon Slayer Sabertooth
Shadow Dragon Slayer Sabertooth
Memory MakeSabertooth
Lightning God SlayerSabertooth
UnknownQuatro Cerberus
Flytap MagicQuatro Cerberus
Tear MagicQuatro Cerberus
UnknownQuatro Cerberus
Spinning MagicQuatro Cerberus
Drill RockQuatro Cerberus
Palm MagicQuatro Cerberus
Sword of HatredMermaid Heel
Vegetable MagicMermaid Heel
Thread MagicMermaid Heel
Gravity TransformationMermaid Heel
Incarceration TubeMermaid Heel
Deformation MagicZentopia Church
AeraLegion Corps
Magic NullificationLegion Corps
Ricochet and HabarakiLegion Corps
Command MagicLegion Corps
Athletic MagicLegion Corps
Dog Whistle MagicLegion Corps
Rapture MagicLegion Corps
UnknownPrincess of Fiore
Memoy Control MagicMagic Council
Jutsu ShikiMagic Council
Flattening Magic Council(Former)
UnknownFiore Knights
Celestial MagicFiore Knights
Paper MagicGarou Knights
Flower MagicGarou Knights
Terrain EffectGarou Knights
Heavenly Body MagicCrime Sorcière
Arc of TimeCrime Sorcière
Maguilty SenseCrime Sorcière
Chain BladeSylph Labyrinth
Type 74 Long-Range RifleSylph Labyrinth
StrongerSylph Labyrinth
ReflectorOración Seis
Poison Dragon SlayerOración Seis
Angel MagicOración Seis
Slowing MagicOración Seis
Storm MagicOración Seis
Slot Machine MagicOración Seis
Dark MagicOración Seis(former)
Earth MagicOración Seis(former)
TransformationOración Seis(former)
AmaterasuGrimoire Heart
Gravity MagicGrimoire Heart
Great Tree ArcGrimoire Heart
Arc of EmbodimentGrimoire Heart
Ushi no Koku MairiGrimoire Heart
Fire God SlayerGrimoire Heart
Human SubordinationGrimoire Heart
Orient Solid ScriptGrimoire Heart
Egg MagicGrimoire Heart
Thorn CurseTartaros
Ice Demon Slayer CurseTartaros
Sensation CurseTartaros
Bomb CurseTartaros
Tempest CurseTartaros
Tenga GokenTartaros
Tenchi KaimeiTartaros
Absorbtion CurseTartaros
Territory MagicTartaros
Super ArchiveTartaros
Spinning CurseTartaros
Retrogression MagicSuccubus Eye
Sword Magic: Mugetsu RyoDeath's Head Caucus
Guitar MagicDeath's Head Caucus
Jet MagicDeath's Head Caucus
Shikigami MagicRaven Tail
Magic AbsorbtionRaven Tail
Pufferfish MagicRaven Tail
Hair MagicRaven Tail
MimicryRaven Tail
Shadow MagicEisenwald
Card MagicNone
Polygon MagicNone
Darkness MagicNone
Black ArtsNone

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