Orders of Extant Mammals

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meaning of nameordercharacteristics
One holeoviparous, cloaca
Opossum-shapedprimitive marsupial, dentition (50 teeth)
Few dental cuspsshrew-like, diprodont
Small marsupiallarge auditory bullae, 50 teeth
Dasyurid-likecarnivorous and insectivorous
Two lower incisors8 families (koalas to kangaroos)
Marsupial mole-likefossorial
Tenrecs and golden moles (insect-eaters)primitive dentition
Hedgehogs (insect-eaters)spiny body armor
Shrews and moles (insect-eaters)primitive dentition
Long limbslong, flexible snout
Climbingsquirrel-like, some primate-like features
Skin-wingedgliding locomotion
meaning of nameordercharacteristics
Hand-wingedpowered flight
Highest rankbinocular vision, enlarged cerebrum
Unique vertebral articulationsno incisors or canines
Scaly oneshorny body scales, toothless
Tubule-toothedlarge burrowing, termite-eaters
Flesh eaterscarnassial teeth
Whalelarge, fusiform 'truly' aquatic/marine
Gnawing mammallarge incisors: 1/1
Hare-shapedlarge incisors: 2/1
Long nosedlarge mass, long, muscular proboscis
Hyrax-likedigits reduced in number, hoof-like nails
Sea nymphshind limbs absents, marine herbivores
Odd-toed ungulatesmesaxonic (weight on digit 3)
Even-toed ungulatesparaxonic (weight on digits 3 and 4)

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