Harry Potter A-Z by Obscure Clue

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Can you name the Harry Potter Things A-Z by Obscure Clue?

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It's the card you wantfood
Where is it? How would I know? ITS LOST.object
Dumbledores #1 Fanperson
Got Phlegm?person
More like double, not half brotherTALL person
Got stuck with the restperson
Her motto? SHHHHHH!teacher
woahhh my legs got some wiggle roomjinx
I told her not to touch it.person
That Wasps uniform is awfully tight.person
The only one to love a Riddleperson
Who turned out the lights?spell
Who are you? and Who am I?spell
Love potionperson
Worst pet EVERanimal
Changed his name from...person
Nice try Fred and Georgespell
Fat Lady's BFFpainting/person
A trolls no match for this spellspell
Loonier than Loonyperson
Full of lions and swansevent
Annoys Ron almost as much as Cormac McLaggenperson

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