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Who was anna hathaway married to?
who composed the four seasons?
what is the capital city of austrailia?
which of the earth's oceans is the largest?
What is the capital of libya?
who was the first persident of the US?
What does KFC stand for?
What is Pi to 3 decimal places?
Who won the Fifa world cup in 1998?
A bloody mary cocktail contains which alcoholic spirit?
What movie character said 'To infinity, and beyond!' ?
what is the medical specdiality of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
What is the fastest road car ever made?
What is film is the famous phrase 'I'll be back' from?
What is einsteins first name?
which mythical creature has the head of an eagle, and the body of a lion?
what date is St stephens day?
what is the first book of the Hebrew bible?
Who sang the 1980's hit song 'billie jean'?
What does MMA stand for in fighting?

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