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American Gothic20th-century regionalist painter
Mother and Child, The Bath19th-20th century impressionist painter
Black Iris and Cow's Skull20th-century painter depicting SW landscapes, skulls, and flowers
Arrangement in Grey and Black, Portrait of the Artist's Mother19th-century tonalist painter
The Gulf Stream, Breaking Storm, the Hurricane19th-20th century seascape painter
Saturday Evening Post covers20th-century painter and illustrator
Campbell Soup cans, Marilyn Monroe20th-century pop artist
Known for B&W photographs of Grand Canyon and YosemitePhotography, large format
Derived some of his work from sources such as comic strips20th-century pop artist
The Peaceable Kingdom20th-century folk painter
Known for stabiles and mobiles20th-century sculptor
Birds of AmericaIllustrator, and ornithologist
Bronco Buster, Pony Tracks19th-20th century Western artist
Known for dripping paint across the canvas to create patterns20th-century abstract expressionist
Washington Crossing the Delaware19th century painter of American historical subjects
'America's cowboy artist,' Bronc to Breakfast19th-20th century Western artist, bronze sculptor
Nighthawks, Capecod Evening20th-century realist paintings of New York and New England
Mount Rushmore memorial19th-20th century sculptor
Known for colored prints of typical American lifeLithography 19th-century
George Washington's portrait adopted for one-dollar bill18th-19th century portrait painter

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