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2011Barrack ObamaDemocratic
He always says 'your straight' and 'lemme'
He loves syracuse basketball but he sucks at basketball himself
He is known for walking with swag and thinks he could get with Madison Guyon
He is known for bitching out (all the time)
He hogs the six-seater and he was our beloved football coach
He can run faster then the wind (cause he is a horse)
He always is playing Doritos crash course and bragging about everything he does
He masturbated under a desk in middle school
He got pissed on at his 'old school'
The 'good' kicker (mad good)
The King of the crew- Think 'Mc-Griddle'
This kid thinks he is in the crew but we all know that he isn't and he is known for asking stupid questions

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