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Smell my _____ you mother!
Dry skin cream keeps Alan's pillow from looking like a _____
Alan accuses farmers of feeding these to swans.
Alan says a farmer probably had this for breakfast
Bathroom is like being inside a giant one
It's hotter than the sun.
Ruins Alan's Bond videos
Alan fantasizes that he is asking Chris Rea if he likes these
I'm destroying my _____.
Composed of a (small) Baileys Irish cream and a gin and tonic
Alan put a mashed up one in a toilet
Gets all over Alan's bed in the travel tavern
Tastes like fizzy Benylin.
Alan tells Lynne to go stand by these to remove herself from the theater of conflict
Alan orders a bottle of this at his meeting w/ Tony Hayers.
Michael thinks he can make this in the microwave
Action man bow-tie is a variety of what?
They do not contain any crab
Alan has a very well rendered Marble Arch made of this
Alan's preferred coffee dispenser
When placed in window, is a signal that lovemaking is desired

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