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What is Arizona's last name?
What animal did Izzie save in the back of a truck?
How many people confessed to cutting Denny's LVAD wire?
How many sisters does Derek have?
What sport did Karev excel at in college?
George's nickname is/was...
What is Cristina's religion?
How did Izzie pay for medical school?
Who suffered from Alzheimer's?
Where did Meredith go to college?
Who was the first person to refer to Derek as 'McDreamy'?
What was Meredith & Derek's dog's name?
Who was in a relationship with Ava?
What is Mark's daughter's name?
What hospital did Seattle Grace recently merge with?
Where did Owen & Teddy meet?
What is Lexie & Meredith's dad's name?
What is Addison's maiden name?
Callie Torres' specialty is in what body parts?
Who is the bartender?
Which doctor went on strike with the nurses?
What is Burke's first name?
Who thought everyone could use a little juju?
Mark's specialty is:
Who was referred to as 'the new Burke'?
After which one of her interns did Bailey name her son?

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