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Where Does Dr. Walter Bishop get released from in the pilot?
Who is Olivia Dunham's Partner (first episode)?
Who begins the series in Iraq?
Who is Olivia Dunham's new partner?
What does Walter put Olivia in to retrieve other people's memories?
Who is Finals MVP in the New York News Newspaper headline?
Who is in charge of Fringe Division?
What is Fringe science also known as?
What building(s) is Olivia Dunham in in the season 1 finale?
The bald man is referred to as...?
The show takes place in...?
Peter Bishop is a dropout out of which university?
In the Pilot, the airplane was flying from where?
The founder of Massive Dynamic
Where does Nina Sharpe work?
Walter's lab is located where?
Walter's lab assistant
What Does Walter hate as a snack at St. Claires?
Who created Fringe?
Who is in prison in Germany?
Who is a rogue agent in the FBI?

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