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DVD ChaptersMovieYear
The Woman in the Picture, Women and Children First, 6 Out of 1500 1997
Marv, This Guy Smells Awful, That Yellow Bastard2005
Developing Character, Go Fly a Kite, More Than a Chest Cold2004
Hollywood 1947, Patty-Cake, Doom's Plan1988
Mr Grateau's Clock, Meeting in the Middle, Good Night Benjamin2008
The Heat is On, Inspector Foley, Picnic1984
Tuna Thieves, No Vincent Gambini, Charges Dismissed1992
Mitch-A-Palooza, Kidnapping the Pledges, KY Wrestling 2003
Mountain Town, The V-Chip, The USO Show1999
Gym Class, The Law in Wallace Town, Lassie and the Coach1981
'They're Coming For You', Nebudchadnezzar's Crew, Sentinels Attack1999
Average Joe's, Enter the Purple Cobras, ESPN 8: The Ocho2004
Meet Bud White, Bloody Christmas, Rollo Tomasi1997
Herding Sheep, Against the Rules, Divorce Granted2005
DVD ChaptersMovieYear
The Passenger, First Target, Murder on the MTA2004
Three Friends, My Daughters in There?!?, We Bury Our Sins2003
Running for Office, Coming Out, Hope is Alive2008
Run Them Off Their Feet, Paris-Bound, Toast of England1981
Welcome Aboard!, Turbulence, Enough is Enough2006
This is Halloween, Santa Claws in Person, Oogie Boogie's Song1993
The Stone Age, The Eunuch Test, It's Good to Be King1981
Unorthodox Methods, Seizing the Moment, Taking a Stand1989
Gluttony, 'I Admire You', The Package1995
And All That Jazz, When You're Good To Honey, The Verdict 2002
Domestic Partnership, Gay Stuff, Boarding the Dude Train2007
The Transformation, Prom Night Fright, Real Beaver Ball1985
Faking Out Rooney, Cameron Goes Berserk, 150% Better1986
'I'm Your Number One Fan', Scene of the Accident, Hammered!1990

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