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14 stolen, FWD this 2 every1 in the Twilight Bark
Papa, Where are you? Your horse has come home without you, B x
Waiting at the valley, text when you want the plan to start?
BMs 4 eva? We'll always be best friends, won't we? ILY, BMFL!
I'll be back late from the forest - met someone I danced with in a dream!
I got myself stuck in a tricky sitch - if you wanna meet up, come to the rabbit hole
OMG FML. At Sid's house, made some discoveries about myself. GET ME OUT OF HERE!
Swim to the ship please? People are not always what they seem, need a bit of help!
I can't believe he went off with that girl, I'll never fall in lo.... ooh g2g
Change of plan, gonna be at the party after all! Seeya in 5 :) x
Hey baby, wanna meet up for some Italian food later? ;)
Mama, which cage are you in? I need a cuddle later
Alright boys? I'm flying some important people over for you to meet! Just sent down my girl to tell you
Just saw such a pretty girl in the square! I wish I could match up to her Beauty
Stop lying or I'll have to do something about it!

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