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Who does Nick and Jess almost have a threesome with?
What movie does Jess watch over and over again in the first epsiode?
What does Nick goes as to the haunted house?
What animal is Jess' phone case shaped like?
Who is named the strongest couple in 'Table 34'?
Who does Jess impersonate when shes on drugs?
What kind of face does Jess think Nick has?
What piece of furniture does Jess fight to put in the loft against Schmidts wishes?
Where does Schmidt have his 29th birthday?
What does Nick try to grow on the roof of the loft?
What was Nick studying to become before he dropped out of College?
Why does Jess move into the loft?
What instrument does Jess liked to play?
What is Nick in charge of for him and Schmidts party?
Who does Nick punch in the face at the haunted house?
According to Cece, what part of a persons body part points at you when they have feelings for you?
What does Nick call it when something in loft is professionally repaired?
What is the name of Jess' lesbian friend who works as an OBGYN?
What fish does Schmidt want in season 2?
Who lives in the loft when Jess moves in?
The name of the girl who is sexually attracted to sadness?
What does Nick do for a living?
Where do Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt live?
What does Winston do before moving back in with them in episode 2 season 2?
Who does Cece go out with after her and Schmidt break up?
What film does Jess refer to when attempting to get her parents get together
The name of Nicks ex-girlfriend who he is hung up on througout season 1
What does Cece do for a living?
Who does Jess want to sleep with 'big time'?
What does Schmidt have to add money to when he makes an inappropriate comment?
What does Nick do when avoiding awkward conversations?
What ethnicity is Pauls new girlfriend, who seems to be a lot like Jess?
What service does Schmidt do for Nick that he doesn't appreciate?
Whats the theme song for New Girl?
What do Jess and Winston want to get for loft when they are sick of having showers?
Who gets caught having sex in the back of Schmidts car?
How long have Schmidt and Nick been living together by season 2Anniversary of Tin
Who does Jess accidentally walk in on naked?
What is Winston really bad at but Nick is incredibly skillful in?
What does Winston want back from Schmidt when he first moves in?
What do Nick and Jess break while arguing in 'Quick Hardening Caulk'?
Who is forced to kiss behind the iron curtain in 'Cooler'?
What does Jess do for a living?
What makes Cece decide she wants get married?
What does Nick never want to cross/go past when working?
Nicks aliasHe's from Chicago
What character used to be fat in College?
What do Schmidt and Winston refer to Nick as, in terms of Jess at the beginning of season 2?A term referring to a man or woman who remains the emotional equivalant as a spouse to another person without getting the physical or sexual benefits of a romantic relationship.
What animal is seen in the last episode of season 1?
Who plays Coach in episode 1?
What animal does Jess look like according to Nadia?Features in a Russian cracker ad
What does Schmidt have to always dress up as in his office?
Who gives Nick a Cactus?
How did Schmidt and Nick meet?
Who does Nick almost move in with?
What instrument does Jess try to teach the school misfits to play?
What does Schmidt use to archive his suits?
What christmas wish does Nick make come true for Jess at the end of season 1?
Who does/what Jess have to get off her car every morning?
The name of the beer used in New Girl
What does Jess have to do for Nick to make Caroline jealous?
Who dies in season 2?
What kind of wine makes Jess 'slutty'?
Where do Sam, Jess, Nick and Angie go away together?
What is the name of Jess' 'fancyman'?

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