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Description Psychological Disorder
Characterized by repetitive thoughts and actions
Category of disorders classified by emotional extremes
Characterized by hyperactivity, irregular sleep patterns, increased excitability, and possibly enhanced creativity and feelings of euphoria
Characterized by the interpretation of normal physical sensations as symptoms of disease
Category of disorders classified by a separation of conscious awareness from previous memories, thoughts, and feelings
Characterized by poor self-image, interpersonal instability, and a tendency toward impulsivity, manipulation, and self-injurious behaviors
Characterized by a continually tense, apprehensive state of arousal, often without a clear cause
Characterized by a lack of conscience for wrongdoing, enhanced aggression, and/or ruthlessness manipulation
Characterized by disorganized and delusional thinking, disturbed perceptions, and inappropriate emotions or actions
Category of disorders classified by the manifestation of psychological disorders as physiological symptoms (without physiological causes)
Description Psychological Disorder
Characterized by feelings of worthlessness, lethargy, etc. that occurs on most days for a period of over a year
Characterized by the exhibition of two or more distinct and alternating personalities
Characterized by an alternation between the hopelessness and lethargy of depression and the overexcited state of mania
Category of disorders classified by inflexible and enduring behavior patterns that impair social functioning
Characterized by haunting memories, nightmares, social withdrawal, jumpy anxiety, and/or insomnia that lingers for weeks or more after a traumatic experience
Characterized by the experience of very specific genuine symptoms for which no psychological basis can be found
Characterized by feelings of worthlessness, diminished interest or pleasure in most activities, etc. (not caused by drugs or med condition) for a period of at least two weeks
Characterized by a persistent, irrational fear and avoidance of a specific subject, activity, and/or situation
Category of disorders classified by distressing, persistent anxiety or maladaptive behaviors that reduce anxiety
Characterized by unpredictable minutes-long episodes of intense dread in which a person experiences terror and accompanying chest pain, choking, or other frightening sensations

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