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Rhyming Slang TermDefinitionHints
Adam and Eve
Apples and pears
Barnet (fair)
Battle cruiserBritish for 'pub'
Bin lid
Boat (race)
Brown bread
Bubble (bath)
Calvin Klein
China (plate)British for 'friend'
Colonel Gadaffi
Daisy roots
David Gower
Dicky Bird
Dog and bone
Rhyming Slang TermDefinitionHints
Frog and toad
Hairy biscuits and cheese
Jam jar
John Cleese
Laurel and Hardy
Mince pies
Old pot and pan
Pen and ink
Rabbit and pork
Radio Rental
Rosie Lee
Scooby (doo)
Soapy (bubble)
Trouble and Strife

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