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Betrayed the covenant
Cigar in his mouth all the time.
The bomb expert (ODST)
Naval Commander of UNSC
A.I. (1,2,3)
Spartan 117
Doesn't speak (ODST)
Gunnery Sargent (ODST)
Prophet who dies in Halo 2
Leader of the Covenant (2,3)
The Librarian (1,2,3)
Sniper (ODST)
Giant Plant/Leader of Flood
Leader of UNSC (2,3)
Protagonist (Halo Wars)
Captain of the Spirit of Fire (Halo Wars)
Scientist (Halo Wars)
First appears in Uplift Reserve (ODST)
Chick in Recon Armor (ODST)
A.I. in New Mombasa (ODST)

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