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Can you name the Renaissance artists who created the artwork listed?

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Saint Francis Altarpiece13th (1235) Proto-Renaissance
Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets13th (1280-1290) Proto-Renaissance
Florence Cathedral13th (1296) Italian Renaissance
Lamentation14th (1305) Renaissance
Madonna Enthroned14th (1310) Renaissance
Effects of Good Government in the City and Country14th (1338-1339) Renaissance
Holy Trinity15th (1424-1427) Renaissance
Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden15th (1424-1427) Renaissance
Merode Altarpiece15th (1425-1428) Northern Renaissance
Ghent Altarpiece15th (1432) Northern Renaissance
Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride15th (1434) Northern Renaissance
David15th (1440-1460) Renaissance
Primavera15th (1482) Renaissance
Madonna of the Rocks15th (1483) High Renaissance
Last Supper15th (1495-1498) High Renaissance
David16th (1501-1504) High Renaissance
Madonna with the Long Neck16th (1534-1540) Mannerism
Last Judgement16th (1536-1541) Late Renaissance
Venus of Urbino16th (1538) Venetian
Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time16th (1546) Mannerism

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