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Can you name the states hidden in these phrases?

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Have you ever tried to color a dog?
I am going to play ball with Louis, Ian and Greg.
Give that kid a hot dog!
In the kitchen, Eva danced with Eric.
You should model a warehouse after this building.
Momma, I never ate none of your cookies.
In order to connect, I cut of the flaps first.
The Nuclear Electra lab amazes me.
I put a hat on my head.
What size do you want, small, medium, huge or giant?
She wrote ”X” as her signature.
The coach yelled to Ken, “Tuck your jersey in!”
Bertha, wai-“, I managed to yell before she shredded my envelope of money.
He yelled into the mic, “Hi Gang!” and they responded with applause.
Bio waste is dumped in the new yard, north of the city.
Dear, Kansas, when will I come home again? (hint- not Kansas)
February is the clever month.
Oh, I ordered a beef steak!
The saying is, “Id nor Ego,” not the other way around.
It’s a common tan a man would get.

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