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*Era of Good Feelings
Bill of Rights
FDR's Hundred Days
Dred Scott Decision
*Iran Contra
19th Amendment- Woman's Suffrage
Haymarket Riot
Democratic Convention Riot in Chicago
Whiskey Rebellion
Brown v Board of Education
Lewis and Clark Expedition
*War of 1812
*Texas War of Independence
Monroe Doctrine
Model T introduced
Watergate Hotel Scandal
Berlin Wall Constructed
Nat Turner Rebellion
Spanish American War
*Second Great Awakening (decades)
Constitutional Convention
Annexation of Hawaii
March on Washington
Alien and Sedition Acts
My Lai Massacre
*Iranian Hostage Crisis
Battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg
Boston Massacre
First Red Scare
Cotton Gin Invented
Oil Embargo
Judiciary Acts
USSR Dissolves
JFK Assassinated
Paris Accord
*Harlem Renaissance (decades)
Berlin Wall Falls
Seneca Falls Convention
Corrupt Bargain
Nixon Goes to China
Hartford Convention
18th Amendment-Prohibition
Pontiac's Rebellion
Pullman Strike
*Korean War
Battle of Wounded Knee
Battle of Little Big Horn
Coercive Acts
*Revolutionary War
Bacon's Rebellion
*Shay's Rebellion
Fort Sumter
Reconstruction Acts
*Articles of Confederation
*Mexican American War
21st Amendment- End of Prohibition
Nullification Crisis
Missouri Compromise
Assassination of Lincoln
*First Great Awakening
Kansas Nebraska Act
US involvement in WWI
*Trail of Tears
Battle of Yorktown (end of revolution)
John Brown Raid on Harper's Ferry
King Phillip's War
Boston Tea Party
*Montgomery Bus Boycott
Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated
Sherman Anti Trust Act
Cuban Missile Crisis
First Man on the Moon
Louisiana Purchase
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Stamp Act
Emancipation Proclamation
Mayflower Compact
War Powers Act
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
*Trancendentalism (decades)
Ratification of the Constitution
*French and Indian War (7 Years War)
Declaration of Independence
*Vietnam War
Stock Market Crash

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