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*Trancendentalism (decades)
John Brown Raid on Harper's Ferry
19th Amendment- Woman's Suffrage
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Nixon Goes to China
Alien and Sedition Acts
*Trail of Tears
*Articles of Confederation
Hartford Convention
Coercive Acts
*First Great Awakening
Cuban Missile Crisis
Reconstruction Acts
Boston Tea Party
JFK Assassinated
Berlin Wall Constructed
First Man on the Moon
Haymarket Riot
Mayflower Compact
*Montgomery Bus Boycott
War Powers Act
Democratic Convention Riot in Chicago
Louisiana Purchase
Annexation of Hawaii
Cotton Gin Invented
Brown v Board of Education
Spanish American War
Seneca Falls Convention
Bill of Rights
21st Amendment- End of Prohibition
FDR's Hundred Days
Nat Turner Rebellion
Berlin Wall Falls
Battle of Yorktown (end of revolution)
Corrupt Bargain
Assassination of Lincoln
Watergate Hotel Scandal
Pontiac's Rebellion
*French and Indian War (7 Years War)
Constitutional Convention
King Phillip's War
*Iranian Hostage Crisis
Pullman Strike
Battle of Wounded Knee
Declaration of Independence
*Shay's Rebellion
*Korean War
March on Washington
Missouri Compromise
Dred Scott Decision
My Lai Massacre
Sherman Anti Trust Act
US involvement in WWI
*Second Great Awakening (decades)
*Vietnam War
Judiciary Acts
Paris Accord
Lewis and Clark Expedition
First Red Scare
Emancipation Proclamation
Whiskey Rebellion
Ratification of the Constitution
*Iran Contra
Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated
Battle of Little Big Horn
Battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg
Bacon's Rebellion
Boston Massacre
*War of 1812
*Texas War of Independence
Oil Embargo
*Mexican American War
USSR Dissolves
Kansas Nebraska Act
*Harlem Renaissance (decades)
Stock Market Crash
*Era of Good Feelings
18th Amendment-Prohibition
Model T introduced
Monroe Doctrine
Nullification Crisis
Stamp Act
*Revolutionary War
Fort Sumter

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