United States Highpoints

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Can you name the tallest mountains in the United States?

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Alabama2,413 ft/735 m
Alaska20,320 ft/6,194 m
Arizona12,637 ft/3,852 m
Arkansas2,753 ft/839 m
California14,505 ft/4,421 m
Colorado14,440 ft/4,401 m
Connecticut2,380 ft/725 m
Delaware451 ft/137 m
District of Columbia410 ft/125 m
Florida345 ft/105 m
Georgia4,784 ft/1,458 m
Hawaii13,803 ft/4,207 m
Idaho12,668 ft/3,861 m
Illinois1,235 ft/376 m
Indiana1,257 ft/383 m
Iowa1,670 ft/509 m
Kansas4,039 ft/1,231 m
Kentucky4,145 ft/1,263 m
Louisiana535 ft/163 m
Maine5,268 ft/1,606 m
Maryland3,360 ft/1,024 m
Massachusetts3,492 ft/1,064 m
Michigan1,979 ft/603 m
Minnesota2,301 ft/701 m
Mississippi807 ft/246 m
Missouri1,772 ft/540 m
Montana12,807 ft/3,904 m
Nebraska5,424 ft/1,653 m
Nevada13,147 ft/4,007 m
New Hampshire6,288 ft/1,917 m
New Jersey1,803 ft/550 m
New Mexico13,167 ft/4,013 m
New York5,344 ft/1,629 m
North Carolina6,684 ft/2,037 m
North Dakota3,506 ft/1,069 m
Ohio1,550 ft/472 m
Oklahoma4,973 ft/1,516 m
Oregon11,249 ft/3,429 m
Pennsylvania3,213 ft/979 m
Rhode Island812 ft/247 m
South Carolina3,560 ft/1,085 m
South Dakota7,244 ft/2,208 m
Tennessee6,643 ft/2,025 m
Texas8,751 ft/2,667 m
Utah13,528 ft/4,123 m
Vermont4,395 ft/1,340 m
Virginia5,729 ft/1,746 m
Washington14,410 ft/4,392 m
West Virginia4,863 ft/1,482 m
Wisconsin1,951 ft/595 m
Wyoming13,809 ft/4,209 m

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