Justice at Nuremberg

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Can you name the defendants at the Nuremberg Trials?

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Nazi Party Secretary (tried in absentia)Death
Head of Kriegsmarine10 years
Reich Law Leader; Governor-General of PolandDeath
Minister of the Interior; Authored Nuremberg Race LawsDeath
Head of news division of Propaganda MinistryAcquitted
Minister of EconomicsLife Imprisonment
Reichmarschall; Commander of Luftwaffe, original head of GestapoDeath
Deputy FührerLife Imprisonment
Colonel-General of WehrmachtDeath
Chief of RSHA; commander of Einsatzgruppen and concentration campsDeath
Head of OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)Death
IndustrialistMedically unfit for trial
Head of DAF (German Labor Front)Suicide before trial
Minister of Foreign Affairs 1932-38; Protector of Bohemia and Moravia 1939-4315 years
Vice-Chancellor 1933-34; Ambassador 1934-44Acquitted
Commander-in-chief of Kriegsmarine 1928-43Life Imprisonment
Minister of Foreign AffairsDeath
Minister of Eastern Occupied Territories 1941-45Death
Gauleiter of Thuringia 1927–45; Plenipotentiary of slave labor 1942-45Death
President of Reichsbank 1923-30, 1933-38; Economics Minsiter 1934-37Acquitted
Head of Hitler Youth 1933-40; Gauleiter of Vienna 1940–4320 years
Reich Commissioner of the Netherlands 1940–45Death
Minister of Armaments 1942-4520 years
Gauleiter of Franconia 1922–40; publisher of Der StürmerDeath

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