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Love is all around, no need to waste itThe Mary Tyler Moore Show
Just the good ol' boysThe Dukes of Hazzard
When the world never seemsThe Facts of Life
You wanna be where you can seeCheers
So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield's doorThe Nanny
It's like you're always stuck in second gear Friends
But where are those good old fashion valuesFamily Guy
Well the names have all changed since you hung aroundWelcome Back, Kotter
Your heart is trueThe Golden Girls
As long as we keep on givinGrowing Pains
And you knew where you were thenAll in the Family
Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide herMaude
Good bye grey sky, hello blue.Happy Days
Give us any chance, we'll take itLaverne and Shirley
I bet we've been together for a million yearsFamily Ties
LyricsNext LineTelevision Show
If the teacher pops a testSaved by the Bell
Tell me whyMad About You
So get a witch's shawl onThe Addams Family
You miss your old familiar friends, but Full House
Wandering down this road, that we call lifeBoy Meets World
It's such a crude attitudeThe Drew Carey Show
Any time you're out from underGood Times
Love and tradition of the grand designFamily Matters
Green Acres is the place for meGreen Acres
Love, exciting and newThe Love Boat
Here's the story, of a man named BradyThe Brady Bunch
Just sit right back and you'll hear a taleGilligan's Island
Fish don't fry in the kitchenThe Jeffersons
Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drumDiff'rent Strokes
And maybe I seem a bit confusedFrasier

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