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Forced Order
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Who guest starred as Dr. Amy Evans?
Name of Jules' favorite wine glass that is no longer with us
Name of creepy neighbor
Ellie's nickname for Grayson
Why Grayson and his wife split up
Type of stuffing Jules fed to Grayson causing him to get sick
Jules' middle name
Name of Travis' roommate
Name of Laurie's boyfriend who was in law school
Finish Jules' song...'When you're heading in a sexy direction, you better use contraception because...'
Game the guys always like to play
Name of Jules' dad
Finish the line Grayson said that Ellie turned in to a song: 'Jules, sometimes in a relationship, you have to do things you don't want to do. It's part of...'
Has the word 'cougar' ever been spoken on the show?
Name of Bobby's dog
Name of therapist Jennifer Aniston portrayed in the season 2 premiere
Finish Grayson's song...'Confident in my sexuality just like...'
The phrase seen on Bobby's boat
Song Jules wants played at her funeral
What does Laurie give Jules for her birthday that wins her the contest for giving the best present?
Where did everyone take Bobby to tell him about Jules and Grayson?
Who performed in pageants as a child?
Name of Jules' new wine glass
State where the show takes place
Name of cougar who often pops up and makes inappropriate comments to Jules

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