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What fictional town in Alabama does Forrest live in?
Who says the line 'You have to do the best with what God gave you'
Which president does Forrest meet while in college?
What IQ does Forrest have?
What kind of food does Forrest try to give Lt. Dan in the hospital?
What does Jenny's father have in his hand when he's chasing her and Forrest through the field?
What's the present Jenny gives Forrest when she visits him?
How many years does Forrest run across the country?
What is Jenny's last name?
What holiday does Forrest spend with Lt. Dan when they meet up after Forrest receives his Medal of Honor?
What song does Elvis play on the guitar while Forrest is dancing in his room?
What book does Forrest put the flying feather inside?
How many people does Forrest tell his story to at the bus stop?
Who says the line 'I wanna go home'

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