Those Crazy Mixed-Up Presidents!

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the two American Presidential last names that have been scrambled to form these phrases?

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Example: If the clue were "SHOP BULK", either "BUSH POLK" or "POLK BUSH" would both be correct answers.
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Anagram Presidential last names
Hoarsely Vetoes
Showered Amnesia
Conjoin Sphere
Friendly Mock
Fasting Whatnot
Manacled Slaved
Major Sniffed Nose
Looser Minnow
Cleverest Orator
Enjoy Dank Necks
Bum Over Banana
Anagram Presidential last names
Mortal Punk
Recalling Anon
Dioxin Cologne
Horny Trailers
Limbo Flusher
Central Ladylove
Hovering Hoard
Cannibal Con Hunt
John Dragonflies
Hurt A Shrub
Arraign Thorns

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