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Patrick Stewart played the lead in this UK TV 4-episode series.
The US remake in 2008 starred Rufus Sewell.
This part of the US Bankruptcy code allows the debtor
to remain in control during reorganization.
It began on 1001/01/01 00:00:00.
The universal emergency contact number in North America
before it took on a second connotation.
The first of these 38,000 stores worldwide opened
on July 11, 1927 in Dallas, TX. How appropriate.
Canadian rock band who've had international success with the songs 'The One Thing' and 'Paralyzer'.
Collins, Aldrin and Armstrong were the crew
of this historic space mission
George Clooney starred in the remake
of this 1960 Frank Sinatra film
Section of the US Constitution that clarifies judicial power over foreign nationals and limits the ability of citizens to sue states.
Four-word phrase used in KFC advertising
to describe 'the Colonel's secret recipe'.
Hobbit meal between Second Breakfast and Luncheon.

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