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Each hint has only 2 valid answers related to #1 songs & acts on the Billboard Hot 100. Enter either answer.

Updated Aug 25, 2014

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Male partners to duet with Paul McCartney on a #1 single
Acts reaching #1 whose name has an equal number
of alphabetic and numeric characters
One-word #1 song titles that start with the letter 'V'
Male singers to have a #1 duet with Jennifer Warnes
Band to reach #1 whose name includes a planet in our solar system
(Note: Bruno Mars is NOT a band.)
Three-letter #1 song titles by Michael Jackson as a solo act
Eight-letter one-word #1 song titles by Rihanna
Bee Gees #1 songs whose title was a question
Songs by Elton John that reached #1
at least 15 years after he originally recorded and released it
#1 songs by Prince whose title is also a band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
US States named in at least 2 #1 song titles
#1 song titles that begin with 'Boogie...'
Singers to have a #1 title that started with 'Thank God...'
Oscar-winning actresses to have more than one #1 song
Acts who had a #1 title that included the word 'Tambourine'
#1 songs to contain a 4-digit year in the main title
All-male groups to reach #1 whose name, taken literally, is by definition female
Last names of a father and daughter who both had solo #1 singles
Bands to reach #1 named after one of the 25 most populous US cities
Madonna #1 song titles that begins with 'Like A...'
US TV shows whose instrumental theme went to #1
Three-word #1 song titles where the last word is 'Glass'
(Hint: Both acts' names are associated with the singer's hair color.)
Acts to have a #1 song titled 'Jump'
Singers to have a two-word #1 song title ending in 'Velvet'
Finalists (in the top three) from an Idol or X Factor TV series
NOT produced in the US to have a US #1

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