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Can you name the missing words in these all-too-familiar SPAM messages?

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The late dictator of _______, Gen. Abacha, has died.
Now his widow wants your help in getting his $80 million out of the country.
D1screte packaging and w0rldwide shipping available.
We offer a wide selection of pills including
C1al1s, Pr0pec1a, Lev1tra and of course, ________.
You just won 4.8 million pounds in the British National _______.
Huge d1sc0unts 0n p0pular s0ftware!
Including Wind0ws 7, the latest 0S from _________ for only $5.00!
Biggest co11ect10n avai1ab1e!
Prestige replicas of brand name Swiss _______ like Ro1ex or Omega.
Flush away those t0x1ns and unwanted pounds
with our all-natural _____ cleanser.
Paying too much for your pharmaceut1cals?
Get them up to 95% cheaper at on-l1ne pharmacies in ______!
Earn thousands simply by staying at home and surfing the ___.
Satisfy your man!!
These p1||s are guaranteed to increase your ____ size to the next letter!
Satisfy your woman!
These p1||s are guaranteed to increase the size of your _____.
We believe your First National bank account has been cyberattacked. You must immediately send us your name, account number and ___ number or we will close your account.

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