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Juliette Binoche,
Judi Dench
Will Smith,
Tommy Lee Jones
Pam Grier,
Samuel L Jackson
Dana Snyder,
Dave Willis
(2007 animated)
Kristen Stewart,
Chris Hemsworth
Mickey Rourke,
Carré Otis
Kal Penn,
John Cho
Patrick Swayze,
C. Thomas Howell
Colin Hanks,
Jack Black
Kathy Bates,
Jessica Tandy
Gregory Peck,
Gene Hackman
Gene Wilder,
Richard Pryor
Ryan Reynolds,
Blake Lively
Alexis Biedel,
Saoirse Ronan
Paul McCartney,
Ringo Starr
Charlie Sheen,
Michael Biehn
Alec Guinness,
Stanley Holloway
Molly Ringwald,
Jon Cryer
Ewan MacGregor,
Emily Blunt
Kyle MacLachlan,
Dennis Hopper
Gene Hackman,
Denzel Washington
Matthew McConaughey,
Kate Hudson (2008)
Liam Neeson,
Dermot Mulroney

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