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Name the world's most valuable sports team brands (2012) as determined by Brandirectory.

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#Team namecountry / value
1UK $853MM
2Germany $786MM
3Spain $600MM
4Spain $580MM
5USA $510MM
6USA $500MM
7USA $471MM
8USA $460MM
9USA $410MM
10USA $398MM
11UK $398MM
12UK $388MM
13UK $367MM
14USA $340MM
15USA $337MM
16USA $329MM
17USA $325MM
18USA $325MM
19USA $324MM
20USA $305MM
21UK $302MM
22Italy $292MM
23USA $290MM
24USA $289MM
25USA $275MM
26USA $268MM
27Germany $266MM
28USA $257MM
29USA $256MM
30USA $253MM
31USA $251MM
32USA $245MM
33Germany $227MM
34USA $225MM
#Team namecountry / value
35UK $225MM
36Italy $215MM
37USA $213MM
38USA $207MM
39USA $205MM
40USA $205MM
41USA $201MM
42USA $200MM
43USA $200MM
44USA $200MM
45USA $187MM
46USA $186MM
47USA $186MM
48USA $184MM
49Netherlands $184MM
50USA $178MM
51USA $178MM
52USA $177MM
53USA $174MM
54USA $173MM
55USA $173MM
56France $168MM
57USA $163MM
58USA $162MM
59Italy $160MM
60USA $157MM
61USA $155MM
62Germany $153MM
63USA $146MM
64USA $145MM
65USA $144MM
66USA $143MM
67USA $143MM
68USA $137MM
#Team namecountry / value
69USA $136MM
70USA $131MM
71USA $128MM
72Canada $125MM
73USA $123MM
74USA $122MM
75France $120MM
76USA $119MM
77USA $119MM
78USA $116MM
79USA $116MM
80USA $115MM
81Canada $108MM
82Canada $105MM
83USA $104MM
84USA $104MM
85USA $103MM
86USA $102MM
87Canada $100MM
88USA $99MM
89USA $94MM
90USA $94MM
91USA $92MM
92USA $92MM
93USA $91MM
94USA $88MM
95UK $87MM
96UK $86MM
97USA $85MM
98USA $85MM
99Italy $85MM
100Italy $85MM

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