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Can you name the anagrammed words in Billboard Hot 100 #1 song titles?

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Title with anagrammed wordCorrect WordArtist
Hey There Ill-head
Shining Arts
Scat in the Cradle
(I Just) Died in Your Rams
Microns and Clover
Kiss From A Sore
Somebody That I Sued to Know
Pick Up the Specie
St. Mole’s Fire
More Than Sword
Lanced in the Wind
Rescales Whisper
This Used To Be My UngodlyRap
Single Ideals
Title with anagrammed wordCorrect WordArtist
Insane Song
Islands in the Master
Every Bather You Take
Total Eclipse of the Earth
Make Me Downer
Please Mr. Tampons
Love Overhang
Papa Saw A Rolling Stone
Pest By Pest
Ship Don’t Lie
The Diet is High
Bad Bad Elroy Brown
Teenage Armed
Sister Longed Hair

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