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Can you name the 4-letter words that fit these definitions & are in the top 1000 baby names for 2009?

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1. A herring, 2. A simpleton 
Islamic chieftain, prince or head of state 
Ice skating jump of 1.5 rotations 
Attentive male companion 
Mediterranean juniper 
(Scot.) Rent paid in kind 
A robust fellow, especially a strong male laborer 
1. An incidence of an occurance of something. 2. Small portable container 
Money in coin or banknote form 
A bit of paper created by a hole in a punch card 
Earthy material used for pottery 
Plants of the mustard family, such as cabbage, kale & rapeseed 
A young male horse 
A broad valley 
Head of an education facility 
1. Caused to move in one direction.
2. Sketched.
1. Something thrown down in a medieval challenge. 2. A standard of measure. 
Portable device used for heavy lifting 
(Slang) Satisfactory, OK. 
A sturdy twilled product, usually of cotton 
A young kangaroo 
(Slang) Toilet or bathroom 
Good natured banter 
A cabbage-like plant of the mustard family 
(Scot., variation) Rent paid in kind 
Male sovreign or monarch 
Narrow passageway between hedges, walls or fences 
(Slang) A pimp 
Residue from crushed grapes after the juice is extracted 
Visible impression, stain or bruise 
(Informal) A microphone 
A grain sorghum with pink, white or yellow seeds 
A small groove or cut 
Christmas or Yuletide season 
The straight stalk of tall marshland grasses 
1. A profoundly wise person.
2. An herb from the mint family.
A beer mug in the form of a stout man with a 3-cornered hat 
Stylish or distinctive; classy 
A playing card or dice with 3 pips 
Unit of weight for gemstones or precious metals 
Walk partially immersed in water 
1. Power of choosing one's actions.
2. Document declaring a person's last wishes.
Person or nation associated with another in a common cause 
In Egypt a woman who professionally sings or dances 
One-sixteenth of a rupee in India or Pakistan 
An elaborate melody, as in an opera 
The feeling that things will turn out for the best; optimism 
The colored portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil 
Semi-precious stone, usually green, used for carvings or jewelry 
(Slang) Generically, any girl or woman (____ Doe) 
A bulbed plant with show bell-shaped flowers. 
In alchemy, silver 
A Patagonian hare 
(Hinduism) The power to create illusions 
Ancient unit of weight. 1/60th of a talent. 
1. A prickly stemmed shrub or its flower.
2. Got up.
Red variety of corundum, used as a gem. 
Sorrow, pity or grief 
1. A profoundly wise person.
2. An herb from the mint family.
(Geometry, plural) A doughnut shaped surface. 
(Scottish) Very 

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